"The surf experience with Chris was great! I learned a lot, felt safe in the surf and was well informed before we paddled out. Also I really appreciated how patient and encouraging he was."
- Mark from Saybrook,IL
San Clemente Surf School is a fully licensed and insured year round surf school which focuses on teaching surfing not only beginners but to more advanced surfers as well. We have been a part of the San Clemente Community since 2007 when we started our surf school. Before, our director Chris ILTIS ran the surf lesson program and was the lead instructor for a local surf shop where he was also the general manager in San Clemente. 

We also have a sister surf school in which we helped start in Ocean City, NJ so we have implemented our way of teaching surfing coast to coast with great results. Our first priority is of course safety, ocean awareness, surf etiquette, and respecting the ocean environment. However, we do all of this while having fun and making sure everyone is having a good time while feeling secure in the ocean. We strive to improve your surfing, and often work with GoPro cameras to capture your experience. We are a close knit group of instructors and coaches, who all go through a very thorough screening and training process. This helps us perform as a team and give our clients the best experience possible. We are all surfers from different backgrounds, some of us have contest accolades, some are free surfers, but we are all teachers of surfing and truly enjoy what we do. ​
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​I grew up on the east coast surfing Belmar, OC, NJ, down to OC, MD and yes even Delaware! they can get some fun waves. Starting surfing at age 13 but really didn't get it down till my late teens. spent much of my time snowboarding too. Moved around traveled to California, surfed every time I visited, I knew I'd move here. Found San Clemente to be a great spot to raise my family, I wanted my boys to be brought up in this town on these beaches. I surfed ESA, WSA, open mens, and masters, I liked competiting but priorities took over and I really decided to grow this surf school into something more something different from the other beach "surf" camps. I realised that it takes not just a good surfer but a great person to be an instructor a teacher of surfing so I am super proud of the team we have now! It's awesome to have taught locals, and people from all over the world as well. We are truly blessed with such great waves, I keep reminding myself of the cold winters back east and an ok day here was a good day back there. So it keeps me humble. I am a shortboarder but will hop on foamies and longboards too. I know I have to keep working on my surfing, and you are never too old to improve. Surfing is a good reflection of life and the ups and downs you will face, the ocean will humble you. You hit platues and have to find a new way to the top. It can also be the most rewarding activity I can think of. The weight of the world seems to vanish when you are riding a wave, it's hard to think of anything but being in the moment with that wave, the board is just an extention of you no matter what type you ride. I now have my wife Jojo surfing, and my 10 year old surfing as well, my 5 year old is going to start this summer so it's such an awesome thing to have my family surfing now, I'm stoked!

Surf Spots // 204s', T-street, Pier, Park, and Trestles,
Bands //All the reggae greats, John Browns Body, Johnny Cash, Beatles, RHCP, Sublime, Ratatat, Aviccii, Daft Punk and many more....
Surfer // Occy, Kelly, Chris Ward, Mick, G-Mac, Curren, Andy RIP, Gerry Lopez, and all the groms out there..
Surf Movie // Bustin Down the Door, Occy, Lost vids, Sipping Jetstreams,
Dream Surf Trip // lowers to me and a few friends head high, warm water
​Movie // Point Break, Aspen Extreme, Thor 1 and 2,all the Marvel, and DC movies, Beasts of the Southern Wind, The Pianist
Surfboard // Firewire Dominator 6"2 quad, Move or Die PT 6'1" Stewart Redline 9'0"
Advice for New Surfers // take a lesson:) respect the ocean, respect the locals and respect yourself, smile and say hello to people out in the lineup. You can learn to surf just remember even that guy/girl ripping out there started the same way you did. It's not as easy as it looks. Keep at it, and push yourself always. Prepare you mind just as much if not more than your body. Surfing is the easy part.

A man of many nicknames with a deep love for the water. Drawn to it at a young age, I found myself here in San Clemente. I learned to surf about 7 years ago and dream of when I will be able to do it everyday. It forces me to be patient and reminds me to stay humble because mother nature is so unpredictable. Surfing has not only became my favorite past time but a life style I embraced. This passion and love I been able to share with my students and hope to do so for a lifetime :)

Surf Spot // Sano, the Point
Band // RHCP
Surfer // Wingnut, Machado
Food // anything Mexican
Restaurant // Hapa's, La Siesta, Iva's, cabanaras, Rocco's - I frequent them all haha
Surf Movie // endless Sumer , Lost 5'5 x 19 14 Redux
Surfboard // Quadflex firewire - RIP - PR got the best of us
Movie // Thomas Crown Affair, surfer dude haha
Dream Surf Trip // Indo or the back to the BVI's
Advice for new surfers // Love the ocean and it will love you back Be patient and relax, you'll never have a bad time in the water
​I remember going to the beach as a boy, you couldn't me out of the water.  I grew up in the desert and lived there most of my life, although I believe I was born to be in the water. From the first day I set foot on a surfboard I was an addict of surfing. From that day on it was my plan to do this for the rest of my life and surf for a living. I worked very hard to make this goal a reality,and so far it is.

Surf Spot // Rivi's
Band // Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Surfer // Robert August
Surf Board // Anything I can glide on
Food // Cheeseburger
Restaurant // La Siesta 
Movie // Man on Fire
Dream Surf trip // Hawaii!!!
Advice for new surfers // Never give up, because there is nothing good thats not worth working for