Making the trip from Oceanside : Orange County Surfing
"The surf experience with Chris was great! I learned a lot, felt safe in the surf and was well informed before we paddled out. Also I really appreciated how patient and encouraging he was."
- Mark from Saybrook,IL
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Making the trip from Oceanside

by Christopher Iltis on 10/28/16

Oceanside Surf Lessons

Learning to surf can be a hard task, especially if you are beginner and don't know where to go. Most people that surf will drive great distances to find that perfect wave. In Southern California there are many options for great surfing. 

Best Spots to Learn Surfing

From Oceanside, San Clemente is a short 20 minute drive, or a few Amtrak stations away.  Living in Oceanside, surf lessons can be done at either San Clemente Pier or at San Onofre.  Our surf instructors give tutorials on the beach first to practice balance and familiarity with the board. .  The next step is to watch the waves and understand where the surf board and you need to be. Our surf instructors will be right in the water with you to guide you on your first wave.

Surf Sessions

Each private lesson is 2 hours so that you have ample time to learn about how to catch a wave. We like to explain how to read the wave, and where a surfer should be when the wave breaks. This includes learning about swells and ocean awareness. We can explain to you how to look at tides and when the best time would be to paddle out.

Locations to Surf over Oceanside

While many people surf in Oceanside Pier, there is a definite benefit in being so close to San Onofre State Beach. Our surf school offers lessons at San Onofre, where there are many surf locations to choose from. For an added bonus, surfline provides live streaming video feeds so you can check the swell before going for a surf lesson.

Exercises and Drills

Practice makes perfect. For anyone interesting in learning how to surf, ask our instructors on what exercises and drills can be down at home before your lessons. We can show you how to properly “pop up” and other drills to do so that popping up in the water is easier. Balance is also important when learning to surf. We can show you techniques of what to do once you are on a wave to stay up and keep balance. Single leg balance drills such as hopping, or with your eyes closed are great practice.  

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